Full Scholarship for Students Masters Programme

Scholarship arrangement

Advenio eAcademy is pleased to confirm that full scholarship arrangements have now been announced by the consortium of six European higher educational institutions collaborating in the innovative online Masters programme in Entrepreneurship. The online course is certified by the National Commission for Further & Higher Education in Malta, the NCFHE, and is co-funded by Erasmus+.

The MHEI-ME is an eighteen month online 90 ECTS Credit at Level 7 Masters programme. It is led by Advenio eAcademy with the participation of another five European HEIs including the University of Ioannina – Greece, Szent Istvan University – Hungary, University of Bari Aldo Moro – Italy, University of Zilina – Slovakia, and Poltava University of Economics & Trade – Ukraine.

Innovative education

The MHEI-ME is an innovative programme in many ways, primarily because it:-

  • is the fruit of collaboration over the past three years between six European Higher Educational Institutions;
  • is an online course designed as a holistic programme, delivered in English and integrating  six foundation subjects and three specialist subjects, an internship module and a business plan module;
  • provides a combination of self-learning and collaborative learning activities designed to meet the needs of international graduate entrepreneurs who require post-graduate education which will give them a competitive advantage in leading their SME organisations;
  • is an online course certified in Malta by the NCFHE providing students with certainty on the validity of the ECTS accreditation at Masters level;

Specific conditions apply

The full scholarships to be offered will cover all the tuition and related fees for the whole programme. Due to the fact that the number of scholarships is limited, every effort is being made to ensure that these reach deserving students who are committed and prepared to dedicate the time required for the intensive eighteen-month course. Students selected for the full-scholarship will be asked to deposit a completion retainer of Eur500. This is to be paid up prior to commencement in April and will be funded in full on the student ’s completion of the programme. Any student who abandons his or her studies and does not complete the programme will forfeit this amount. If on the other hand, students complete the programme, then they will receive a full refund of this amount.

Students interested in applying are to send in their details on the email shown below. These are to include: an updated curriculum vitae certified scanned copies of their first-degree qualification (with an English language transcript if this certificate is not in English) as a well as a letter of motivation explaining why they believe they should receive the scholarship. Applications are to be sent in by the 28th February 2018.

For further details contact admin@aea.academy or check our website for more information. For the latest news and updates visit our Facebook or LinkedIn.