Call for Internship Hosts

Internship Hosts Organizations

An integral part of the Masters in Entrepreneurship programme is the Internship period. Students are required to do a 3 month unpaid internship (between end of January and beginning of April) with either their own selected company or from a company chosen by the Academic institutions. During the internship period, apart from the tasks requested by the Internship hosts, the students must carry out a number of work packages which are provided for each module delivered in this programme. In total the students will need to carry out a task from the following modules being covered in this programme:

  1. Prinicples of Management
  2. Principles of HRM
  3. Principles of ICT
  4. Principles of Financial Management
  5. Principles of Marketing & Sales
  6. Principles of Entrepreneurship
  7. Fund-raising and for Start-ups and Growth of SMEs
  8. Creativity and Innovation Management
  9. Digital Marketing and Social Media

Organisations will also have the chance to meet with the students before confirming the internship place and sign the agreement between the organisation, student and Advenio eAcademy. Eventually, the reports carried out will be also made available to the Internship Hosts.

The internship period will be carried out between 28th January 2019 and 8th April 2019.

Interested organisations should contact us on or check our website for more information. For the latest news and updates visit our Facebook or LinkedIn.