Multiple Higher Education Institutions – Masters in Entrepreneurship Intake 1 Online Master Progress

Intake 1 for this online masters programme started on the 9th of April 2018. Online Master programme progress is being tracked from this period. The launched programme is the result of three years of collaborative efforts between the Partner HEIs based in a number of European countries and other stakeholders, the first intake for the online-certified Masters in Entrepreneurship was launched.

The students on Intake 1 of the MHEI-ME programme benefitted from two scholarship programmes, which were made available. The first was for 50% scholarship on fees through the Erasmus+ co-funding arrangements and the second funded by the Consortium of HEIs offering the programme was for a further 50% funding of fees. In this way, students on Intake 1 were enrolled with a 100% scholarship.

Intake 1 of the MHEI-ME programme is composed of 13 excellent students from a number of different countries around the world such as: Ghana, Kenya, Malta, Slovakia, Ukraine and Zambia. This international mix is an integral part of the programme, which seeks to provide students with the academic framework and a real-world network and skill-set to launch and manage entrepreneurial projects.

Students have completed Stage 1 of this programme by completing the 6 Foundation Modules and the online open-book examination which was composed of:

  1. Principles of Management
  2. Principles of HRM
  3. Principles of ICT & Information Management
  4. Principles of Financial Management
  5. Principles of Marketing & Sales
  6. Principles of Entrepreneurship

The students now started Stage 2, with the Specialist Modules, covering areas of Fund-raising for Start-ups and Growth of SMEs being delivered by Poltava University of Economics and Trade, Creativity and Innovation Management delivered by University of Bari and Digital Marketing & Social Media for SMEs delivered by University of Zilina. Following this stage, students will be required to do a 3 month internship period and the business plan period. Check more information about the online master programme here. For the latest news and updates visit our Facebook or LinkedIn.