Advenio eAcademy enters into strategic collaboration agreement with Edification Unlimited to act as its Recommended Studies Agent in Bangladesh, India and Nepal.

Earlier this week, Mr. Stephen P. D’Alessandro, Executive Director on behalf of Advenio eAcademy and Mr. Mirza Ghalib, a director of the England and Wales registered company, Edification Unlimited Ltd, (EUL) entered into a strategic collaboration agreement whereby the latter was appointed as Recommended Studies Agent to promote the range of online and blended learning programmes offered by AeA. This collaboration will enable the EUL to promote in the designated territories the full range of on-line and blended learning certified programmes and courses offered by Advenio eAcademy.

Mr. Ghalib has extensive experience of the Asian market for European studies and has for a number of years successfully placed students in local programmes. His personal involvement and step-by-step assistance and support to students is much appreciated by students.

Mr. Ghalib spoke highly of the collaboration with Advenio eAcademy and its state-of-the art solutions which provided students with the benefit of an international Faculty. He was particularly interested in promoting the intensive blended learning programmes in Malta which reduce the Masters in entrepreneurship programme duration from 21 months to 12 months. This is inline with the Asian market expectations. He was also interested in promoting the less demanding Level 5 programmes in SME Management. The first courses to be promoted will be the Level 7 Masters programme in entrepreneurship and the Level 5 courses to  be offered in a blended learning style in Malta commenceing at the end of April 2019.

Mr. D’Alessandro expressed his satisfaction with the student focus of Edification Un limited and was confident that the collaboration would allow for the development and implementation of new specialized courses in the future.