Advenio eAcademy participates in Brussels Meeting – Forum on the Future of Learning

Date:  25th January 2019

Circulation:  For immediate release to Print & Online Media in Malta

TITLE:  Advenio eAcademy participates in Brussels Meeting – Forum on the Future of Learning

Earlier this week, Mr. Stephen P. D’Alessandro, Executive Director of Advenio eAcademy represented the academy at the Forum on the Future of Learning held in Brussels on the 24th January 2019. Organised at the initiative of Tibor Navracsics, Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport  by the European Commission, DG EAC, the event  provided an open platform for exchanges between education, training and youth stakeholders and policymakers. The main discussions focused on key issues that education and training will be facing in Europe and beyond until 2030, including the challenges associated to demographics; inclusion and citizenship; technological change and the future of work; digitalisation of society; environmental concerns; and investments, reforms and governance.

Six issue papers were prepared by the European Education and Training Expert Panel, which put forward the challenges and opportunities for education and training, looking towards 2030, and suggesting priority areas of action. The Expert Panel presented their findings at the Forum and each was discussed in the various workshop sessions and then the plenary sessions served to update all participants with the discussions and recommendations within each parallel session working group.

The preparation of the issue papers by the Expert Panel helped to assist the Commission in the preparation of the new Strategic framework for cooperation in education and training. The “issue papers” served as the basis for discussion at both EU and national level. The panel addressed societal challenges which are directly linked to, or have an impact on education and training. For a better understanding of these trends, the Panel will provide the Commission with the opportunity to draw not only on the expertise available within the panel but also beyond by including feedback from the participants in the forum.

Mr. D’Alessandro praised the excellent organization throughout the event which provided opportunities for participant to select their areas of interest and participate in the relevant panel discussions. The circulation of the issue papers prior to the meeting was important as participants came to the meetings prepared and with concrete issues to address.