Advenio eAcademy in Dublin – International Seminar

Advenio eAcademy participates in Dublin International Seminar – Mythbusting European Project Management for Strategic Partnerships, Dublin, Ireland

Date:  28th February 2019

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Advenio eAcademy participates in Dublin - Mythbusting European Project Management for Strategic Partnerships, Dublin, Ireland

Dublin International Seminar – Mythbusting European Project Management for Strategic Partnerships, Dublin, Ireland

Earlier this year, Mr. Kurt Tabone, Executive – Project and Courses Co-ordinator of Advenio eAcademy represented the academy at the international seminar “Mythbusting European Project Management for Strategic Partnerships“ held in Dublin, Ireland. The participants in this event were education institutions’ representatives who are involved in European projects, particularly, Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership projects under Key Action 2. Active participation was required throughout the seminar to enable participants to share practices of their home institution in managing such projects.

Strength assessment

The seminar was based on a number of difference workshop sessions covering different topics in relation to Project Management. The first day was focused on identifying and sharing of each participants strengths and opportunities. The self-appraisal of strengths and opportunities in project management was carried out by using a model for the identification and sharing of knowledge and good practice – SOAR concept. The first day concluded by participants exchanging of practices and ideas managing European funded project.

Project Management Practices

The second day included a number of different workshops, starting with the Project Management workshop. During this workshop, a number of important issues within the topic were discussed such as:

  • Values Learning
  • Global Citizenship
  • Values in project management
  • Project management models

The second day concluded with two different workshops:

  • National to Transnational – This focused on the exploitation of projects and sharing of the transnational project outcomes. A core element of Erasmus+ projects requires that project results are disseminated and exploited at a European level.
  • Inclusion in Strategic Partnerships – Focusing on sharing values and vision for a change.

The last day was used to re-cap on the previous two productive days and looking back at what the workshop sessions achieved. A representative of the European Commission was present in all the Workshop sessions and confirmed that they will be preparing an official report on the outcomes of this seminar.

Mr. Tabone commented on the excellent organization of the event, which maximised on the time available by fitting in a very full schedule of structured events as well as fitting in time and events for networking and one-to-one meetings. The presentations focused on the key aspects related to project management and the challenges faced by each organization who are managing Erasmus+ projects.

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