Advenio Online Courses Malta

Advenio Online Courses Malta

These online interactive courses offered by Advenio e-Academy (Licence Number: 2013-FHI-006) are being run specifically for undergraduate and graduate students who do not have management or marketing as core or elective subjects in their studies. The Advenio Online Courses Malta thus provide a comprehensive, specialised and factual theoretical knowledge which is based on industry best practices. They are also well suited as refresher courses for experienced practitioners who wish to build on their practical knowledge and experience.

Two certificate courses are on offer to students. Each of which comprises various learning objects including:-

– Audiovisual presentations
– PDF presentations to accompany the audiovisual presentations
– Frequently Asked Questions with references
– Forum Questions
– Self-Assessment Test Questions
– Additional course materials such as reading lists, articles or case studies
In addition to the self-learn elements of the course, there will be an interactive video conference tutorial/workshop sessions every week. There will be notification of the exact date and time through the system allowing participants to book their participation to the particular tutorial/workshop they are interested in.

Basic Overview

In general, each module involves one hour of audio-visual presentation and another three hours of study time to follow and complete the related course materials including the FAQs, additional readings, forum contributions and self-assessment tests. Within Advenio eAcademy the language of tuition is English. All students are expected to have a good command of the English language, enabling them to communicate effectively in English thereby allowing them to participate fully in the course activities. An applicant must satisfy the language requirements as the language of study and assessment for the programmes are delivered in English. Students must have;
– A recognised test of proficiency in English which is the language of study and assessment
– IELTS Level 5 or equivalent for Level 5 courses

The course is deemed by the National Commission of Higher and Further Education in Malta to be equivalent to the Malta Qualifications Council under the European Qualifications Framework. The equivalence of the course is that of 4 ECTS credits at Level 5 (Undergraduate level) which translates in 100 hours of study; including contact hours and self-study. The accreditation of the course provides quality assurance and the recognition of the course within the EU.

For additional information visit the Advenio e-Academy website or contact us on / phone on +356 21 342 704 for more details. For the latest news and updates visit our Facebook or LinkedIn.

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