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Award in Digital Marketing & Social Media for SMEs


University of Žilina, Slovakia 

The Digital Marketing & Social Media module seeks to provide students with the skills necessary for an entrepreneur to understand the role of digital marketing and the manner in which social media can be successfully utilised by SMEs to promote and grow their activities. It seeks to identify best practice and provide an overview of current social media tools and services that are available to entrepreneurs and managers of SMEs to drive the start-up or established organisation. The course enables students to use the more advanced analytical packages allowing them to develop, implement and monitor their own campaigns on the more popular social media such as Facebook or Linked-In. The focus throughout the programme is the importance of the relevance and content of the social media campaigns ensuring that the SME organisation can mobilise its limited resources to leverage this medium and reach out to the target market segments required. The emphasis is on the understanding of the social media infrastructure and its use in local or international campaigns.


Sessions Covered: 

  • Session 1 – Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Session 2 – Digital Marketing Environment
  • Session 3 – Introduction to Digital marketing macro environment
  • Session 4 – Setting digital marketing strategy
  • Session 5 – Marketing Mix
  • Session 6 – Marketing Mix Part 2
  • Session 7 – Customer Relationship Management
  • Session 8 – Website Creation
  • Session 9 – Characteristics of Digital Media
  • Session 10 – Search Engine Optimisation
  • Session 11 – Advertising
  • Session 12 – Creating a performance management system
  • Session 13 – Social media fundamentals
  • Session 14 – Social networks – Facebook
  • Session 15 – Social networks – LinkedIn
  • Session 16 – Social networks – Instagram
  • Session 17 – Social Networks – Twitter & YouTube
  • Session 18 – Social Networks – Other

 Scholarship Schemes: 

  • JobsPlus Training Pays Scheme – 75% refund of course fee
  • Get Qualified Scheme – 70% refund of course fee as a tax rebate 

Application form: https://forms.office.com/r/hFBSsRGPsJ

Course Details

Credits: 8 ECTS

EQF/MQF: Level 7

*European Qualification Framework/Malta Qualification Framework

Duration: 6 weeks

Delivery type: Online

Price: Eur950

National & EU Accreditation by: