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Award in eCommerce Practices

Award in eCommerce Practices I (6 ECTS): The programme consists of 4 Core modules and 2 Elective modules accredited with 1 ECTS credits to a total of 6 ECTS credits. This programme is awarded by Advenio eAcademy in collaboration with Malta Communications Authority and eSkills Malta Foundation. 

Award in eCommerce Practices II (8 ECTS): The programme Awarded by Advenio eAcademy comprises of 6 modules referred to in the Award in eCommerce Practices I, and an additional 2 modules each accredited at 1 ECTS credits, to a total of 8 ECTS credits.  

 Each module comprises six sessions and includes a number of interviews with industry experts and leaders who will provide insights on local expertise and best practices.  Students will be assigned a course work in each module which will comprise a mix of individual and group assignments to ensure that they are able to apply the theory and concepts of the course in a real-world environment.

Entry Requirements:

  • Successful completion of an approved secondary qualification
  • Basic knowledge of ICT
  • Evidence of English language proficiency of IELTS level 5 results, or equivalent if secondary level of education was not delivered in English language

Programme Objective:

The programme will provide tools and necessary knowledge and the skill in applying eCommerce practices which would help develop their IT skills. It will be based on current best practices, which we ourselves apply in the consultancy roles in applying management practices in different organisations.

 Learning Outcomes for Communication Skills for the whole course

The learner will be able to:

  1. Take part in active discourse around the adoption of E-commerce Technology, with particular pertinence to the impact on the changing context of business and how management may develop and analyse the options available in response to the fluidity of this context
  2. To elaborate the technology requirements and facilities for remote, distributed electronic communications.

To communicate at a standard level demonstrating evidence of higher organisational skills and reasoning to produce persuasive arguments.

Learning Outcomes for Learning to Learn Skills for the whole course

The learner will be able to:

  1. Develop skills in analysis, design, implementation and evaluation appropriate to their chosen pathway.
  2. Become proficient in relevant computer skills.
  3. Be aware of trends in the subject area.
  4. Be able to learn and work both independently and within groups.
  5. Develop effective communication skills.
  6. Produce work of a professional standard.
  7. Be equipped to pursue further study.

Acquire knowledge of the management, economic, legal, social and ethical issues relating to information systems.

Learning Hours:

Each Module will consist of the following learning hours per module: 

Contact hours: 10 hours (pre-recorded lectures – 6 hrs, online tutorials – 3 hrs and online forums – 1 hrs) 

Self-study: 11 hours (research on notes – 6 hrs and assessment – 5 hrs) 

Assessment: 4 hours (finalisation of assessment) 

Learning Hours per module: 25 hours 

Total Learning Hours in Award in eCommerce Practices I (6 ECTS, 6 Modules) : 150 Hours

Total Learning Hours in Award in eCommerce Practices I (8 ECTS) : 200 Hours

Course Delivery: Part-Time

Language of Instruction: English

Teaching Methods:

  • Pre-recorded lecture presentations and the respective slides will be made available to students on the e-learning platform
  • Discussions will be carried out via Video Conferencing and will be recorded for other students in the course to view.
  • Contact hours will also include contributions in Forum discussions where the tutor will assess the students’ posts and provide his/her own feedback.
  • Participating students will be presented with:
    Video presentation – 6 hours of audio-visual recording/module. This will include a presenter interviewing an expert in the field of the respective module that is being covered.
    Each hour will be split into 4 – 15minutes segments to allow for better access and download.
    Reading Material – additional reading materials for students to read and can better understand the topic
    FAQs – to assist students with basic questions that are normally asked on the topics
    Glossary – to assist students in having the correct information on key subject terms
    2 Online tutorial sessions per module
    2 online Forum discussions per module
    1 short Assignment per module

Assessment Methods:

Tutorial participation 20%
Forum discussions 30%
Assignments 50%

Registration & Fee:

Award in eCommerce Practices I – (Programme Fee: Full scholarships are provided for the Students) to apply for the next available intake or to register your interest for the programme, kindly visit the eBiznify website: https://ebiznify.com/

Award in eCommerce Practices II- (Programme Fee: Eur 960 ) Next Intake To Be Confirmed

The following are the different modules within the programme:

Award in Introduction to eCommerce

EQF/MQF Level 4

In collaboration with

Award in Taking a Business On-line

EQF/MQF Level 4

In collboration with

Award in Promoting your On-line Business

EQF/MQF Level 4

In collaboration with

Award in Delivering your Products

EQF/MQF Level 4

In collaboration with

Award in Cross-border ecommerce

EQF/MQF Level 4

In Collaboration with

Award in Content Design and Development

EQF/MQF Level 4

In Collaboration with

Award in Data Analytics

EQF/MQF Level 4

In Collaboration with

Award in Gamification

EQF/MQF Level 4

In Collaboration with