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Award in Marketing practices for SMEs

This module combines both academic study and practical content with a focus upon practical marketing management issues in SME’s. The academic element of the module is covered through lectures based on marketing theories and techniques, especially focused on SME’s, the practical content draws upon case studies and marketing briefs/activities to explore marketing in practice. This module aims in particular, to guide student marketers through the marketing planning process and covers a broad structured approach which relates marketing principles to practice in SME’s.

The module can be split into the following sessions:

  1. Modern marketing approach: understanding the main aspects (1 session);
  2. Marketing mix, marketing environment (micro, macro) for SME‘s (1 session). 
  3. Market, market share, demand, potential; market segmentation (1 session)
  4. Consumer behavior, intention to buy models (1 session)
  5. Product, price, place concepts (1 session)
  6. Promotion concept (2 sessions)
  7. Communication concept and models (2 sessions)
  8. Marketing plan, budget creation and implementation (2 sessions)
  9. Marketing in SME‘s structure (1 session)

Each topic will consist of a theoretical part and practical examples.  

Learners will be provided with digital templates of presented analysis techniques for self-testing.

Course Details

Credits: 8 ECTS

EQF/MQF: Level 6

Duration: 6 Weeks

*European Qualification Framework/Malta Qualification Framework

Mode of Attendance: Part time

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