Student References

Student Testimonials  September – December 2015
Marketing & Sales Course


“I wish especially to express my pleasure that I attended this course. I have only words of praise. The course was very thorough, practical and not dull what is the most important. On the positive side I would like to thank you because you gave us a chance for team work, you have been very kindly, You have enabled us to write case study in group, thank you for that. I am very grateful to Professor, his English was very clear. Students with weaker knowledge were able to understand I also have to express my gratitude to you Zorana because you were always available and promptness , respond to every e-mail… The only suggestion is that maybe you should have a minimum 2 live tutorials per week, because I think one tutorial per week is not enough”.


Live classes are interesting with active participation of students. Small number of participants is also important for effectiveness of work, which is also case here. Another positive impression is coming from sending email reminders for live classes. It is also great to have recorded lectures. Courses material are interesting and easy for following. Suggested literature is fresh, with many current examples. The only negative impression is related to quite complicate website. My overall impression is that Advenio eAkademy is well organized school for e-learning.

Vladimir Nikic – University of Novi Sad

This course on Marketing and Sales is suitable for everyone, even if you haven’t learned about bussines management or entrepreneurship before. Advenio self learning programme helped me master some of the basic principles of marketing. Live conference lectures were of tremendous help. The course materials are very interesting and holding attention. Overall, it’s an amazing course, providing a truly practical knowledge.

Jelena Vignjevic – University of Novi Sad

I would like to compliment the organization of the whole course. Video conferences are very educational, professor speaks slowly and explains everything that is not clear. Sometimes there are technical problems, I don’t know is it with microphone or with the sound, when I have difficulties to hear him well, but there is always blank chat space where I can ask what I didn’t hear. Also, occasionaly professor doesn’t see some questions and comments on time, I know that is not on purpose, but some issues sometimes are left uncleared. I think that the website is quite easy to navigate. At first I was a little confused, but when you enter it several times it all gets transparent. In my opinion, literature part is organized the best. I like that I can find there all the files by the topics, video recordings of every topic and in the end tests for personal knowledge checking. I think it, as everything, can develop and improve, but for a course that lasts several weeks everything is very well presented and informative.

Jana Simic – University of Novi Sad

This course is an excellent way to get known with principles of marketing & sales, not just in theoretic, but in a particular way too.
It takes a bit time, but it is also managable and adjustable to accomplish good results with good organisation.
The professor and his classes are more than interesting. With good everyday examples and a bit of humor, he makes it fun and smooth, so you have no sence of learning. I would also praise professor’s assistant Zorana, who’s always attentive and ready to assist you. All in all, this course offered me an opportunity to express myself in completely new field than my studies were, and to improve myself and my confidence as well as in professional and private life.
I would recommend this course to everyone, because marketing is everywhere around us.

Karla Veres – University of Novi Sad

I am a student at Advenio eAcademy. I like the methods of studying there. The professor gives really good examples when something is not clear for us. In this way, we understand better the material and remember it easier. It is good that we have direct connection with him, so we can ask everything we want. Also it is good that we hear the questions of other students, so get information about problems which we did not had, but they can occur. I think it is good that we have to participate in forum discussion and in case studies. I only had some technical problems, when  I could not access the self learning and cooperative parts of the platform, but Zorana contacted the technical team, and they solved the problem.

Jelena Gnjatovic – University of Novi Sad

Student Testimonials 2015 December 2014 – March 2015
Principles of Management Course

Course Principles Management was my first encounter with online learning , workshops and case studies in English. Although I am a student at the Faculty of Economics in Nis and studying management science, at the beginning I can honestly say that I feared how the exchange rate will require of me and how I manage to do all obligations. What worried me the most was how much time will take away and what level vocational English language course will require of me. Now, after completing the course, I can say that there was no reason to worry about it. Words and explanations can found in the material and the professor speak English very understandable. The professor did not require perfect language, I was pleasantly surprised with professor’s work. Online workshops were time-bound, video conferences existing have a high level of flexibility. I could access the lectures whenever I want. In agreement with Professor , I was delivering case studies, after the deadlines. He gave me a quick answers to all my questions. Work on forums and case studies, helped me to apply the knowledge. In the writing of these works had a good foundation in the material that we received and I was able to explore new sources and facts on the Internet. Combining the knowledge that I have acquired in the course, and the search for new information , made the course particularly interesting. While I was studying the concepts that appear in this course, I can say that the experience of online course given me the opportunity to look at things from a different angle. The course offered the high level of autonomy, it seems that anyone can learn with good organization of work and successfully overcome such a course.

Mina Mitic – University of NIS Student

The overall impression of the course was very positive. The biggest impression left by pre-exam activities – forums and case studies. Trying to be active on the forums and writing case studies I learned most. I have never met with on line learning before and I think it is much more efficient than the conventional way of studying. The course is very demanding, requiring a variety of reading materials – as scientific papers and useful information that can be found on the Internet, and finally learning presentation from which we have prepared the exam. I find the course more interesting than the corresponding principles of management with whom I met this year at the Faculty of Economics, because of the feeling that solve practical problems (which unfortunately is not the case with many subjects in universities where the students not enough practice approaches – problems that we could meet). I want to thank to all those who were responsible for this course and for the opportunity for the improvement of knowledge and skills. I am interested in the new rates, in particular for the advancement of knowledge in the field of management.

Ljubisa Danilov – University of Novi Sad Stude

As a graduate from a course “Principles of Management”, I am very satisfied with gained knowledge and experience on the learning platform. I applied for this course through University of Novi Sad, and I must admit, I never heard of Advenio Academy before, but since my University cooperated with this external academy, it showed that Advenio Academy had the necessary quality. The biggest advantage of this long-distance learning is the fact that learners have the flexibility and an option to choose when and where they want to learn. I am very happy with this course, the syllabus is very detailed and diversified, it covers everything you need to manage a company (irrelevant if the company is a start-up or a international company), the teacher and other supporting staff are friendly and open to questions, and therefore, I would recommend this course to anyone that has an opportunity to take it.

Đorđe Ostojić – University of Novi Sad Student

The course was of good quality and I think was well organized, and a period of three months is quite enough to learn many things. Platform for monitoring the course is well organized, ie. Rates could easily be traced.

Dunja Demirović – University of Novi Sad Student

I am very pleased with the course and my progress during the time. I think I’m in a short period of time well acquainted with the principles of management. The course was not tiring and did not require much time for its monitoring. Obligations of the course were nice arranged. The concept of the course is another thing that I liked because it combines various learning techniques. During the course, I quite perfected my knowledge of English. This course is a great thing for quickly learning (introduction) some areas, I would recommend it.

Nino Nikolic – University of NIS Student

The learning material was well prepared and informative enough. Presentations contain basic terms, but all detailed explanations could be found in supporting video material and additional readings. Personally, this was not an easy course for me, since I was not familiar with management. Thanks to good learning material and video conference I was able to pass at the end. Tasks we had to complete during the course were well explained with a lot of supporting documentation we can use. The tempo of introducing new lectures was adequate. Also, deadlines for tasks were fairly distributed. At the end, all the topics I learned about in this course were pretty useful for my daily job.

Petar Rajkovic – University of NIS Student