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Advenio eAcademy

Data Protection Policy

The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act (Cap 586) regulate the processing of personal data whether held electronically or in manual form. Advenio eAcademy is set to fully comply with the Data Protection Principles as set out in such data protection legislation and in line with its obligations as a regulated higher educational institution under the guidelines and instructions provided by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority, MFHEA.



Advenio eAcademy collects and processes information to carry out its obligations in accordance with present legislation. All data is collected and processed in accordance with Data Protection Legislation and according to Title X of Chapter 12 of the Laws of Malta, Title III of Chapter 9 of the Laws of Malta, LN 414 of 2014 and LN 64 of 2016.



Advenio eAcademy regularly produces promotional materials to assist in the promotion of its courses online and in traditional media. To do this various photo shoots or video shoots are organized in private and public places. Advenio eAcademy commits to obtaining express permission from any members of the public that may be included in such photographic and video shoots and to request their permission for the use of the captured images in any promotional material.



Personal Information is accessed by the employees who are assigned to carry out the functions of the Advenio eAcademy. Personal Data will be disclosed to the Regulator, the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority, (MFHEA), and Courts of Justice upon the Courts request to give evidence on the beneficiary of the Legal Aid client. Disclosure can also be made to third parties but only as authorized by law.