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International Student Recruitment Agents & Consultants 

Advenio eAcademy actively supports international travel and study. It is committed to add to the unique value provided to students through international study programmes. These provide students with opportunities to gain multi-cultural experiences of living, studying and working in a foreign country.

Since 2019 Advenio eAcademy has offered blended learning options for its Level 5 & Level 7 programmes. These allowing foreign students travelling to Malta to study and complete their entrepreneurial education in Malta. These programmes are delivered over the more intensive 52 week schedule. Weekly additional on-site support classes are organised by Advenio eAcademy at its Centre in Sliema.

To market and promote these programmes, Advenio eAcademy has developed a network of professional agents and consultants to assist students in making the necessary arrangements for such study programmes. Advenio eAcademy currently has agents based in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

All authorised agents are contracted with Advenio eAcademy for specific support services. Each has been assigned a unique reference code which is to be included in all their promotional material. These professional firms are able to meet up directly with students and deal with their particular visa and travel requirements related to their travel to Malta to complete their studies with Advenio eAcademy.

NO AGENT OR CONSULTANT is authorised to collect fees on behalf of Advenio eAcademy. All deposits and fees are to be paid directly via international bank transfer to the Malta bank account of Advenio eAcademy.

Any student who would like to confirm the credentials of an agent or consultant is to contact Advenio eAcademy via email, admin@aea.academy, for further details.