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Award in Legal Frameworks for Social Enterprises

Delivered by Advenio eAcademy, Malta

This module provides an overview of the development of legal frameworks in the EU with particular reference to the different structures available in the different countries. It comprises six sessions, namely:-

1. Theoretical Concepts and Legal Structures

2. Suitability and Appropriateness of a Legal Framework

3. Designing Legal Frameworks for Social Enterprises – OECD

4. The Belgian Case: Three Legal Frameworks for Social Entrepreneurship:

5. The Maltese Case: Social Enterprise Act, Malta

6. Comparative Analysis of Legal Frameworks

It provides an overview of the concepts of Social Entrepreneurship in the EU with specific reference to published articles and EC documentation on the matter. It includes a review of some of the Legal Frameworks available in the EU with particular reference to Malta and Belgium.  It provides a comparative analysis of the legal frameworks in the EU highlighting differences and similarities of some key jurisdictions.

    Learning Outcomes

    At the end of the module/unit the learner will have acquired the responsibility and autonomy to:

    a) Collaborate with senior executives and legal specialists in the development of a legal framework to meet the requirements of a Social Enterprise

    b) Deal with the organisational and legal priorities and requirements of setting up a suitable legal structure for a Social Enterprise

    c) Manage the process of setting up a Social Enterprise within the particular constraints and objectives set by senior management

    d) Produce comparative analysis of the benefits and disadvantages of the various legal frameworks available to the social enterprise

    e) Monitor set-up arrangements by in-house and third party specialist to ensure that the legal framework being set-up is fit for purpose.

    ECTS Credits : 4

    Duration : 3 Weeks

    Assessment Methods:

    • Assignment / Case-Study – 1 (Contributes towards 60% of the module)
    • Forum Discussions – 2 (Contributes towards 20% of the module)
    • Tutorial Participation – 2 tutorial sessions (Contributes towards 20% of the module)

    50% Marks in aggregate from the course works is required for getting pass in the module.

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    Course Details

    Programme: Undergraduate Higher Diploma in Social Entrepreneurship

    Credits: 4 ECTS

    EQF/MQF: Level 5

    *European Qualification Framework/Malta Qualification Framework

     Duration: 3 weeks

    Delivery: Online & Blended

    Price: Online – Eur 310 &  Blended – Eur 410