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English Language Profiency Awards

ESat is the acronym for Educational Services and Testing Ltd, is a Malta based regulated Further Education Institution (MFHEA license number 2018-019). ESaT has developed and produced a comprehensive range of EU accredited qualifications for learners and teachers of English. It has over 200 centres which offer English qualifications from beginner to Proficiency level aligned to the Common European Framework for Reference. All ESat qualifications, from TELS/TELSa A1 to TELSa C2, are fully accredited by the Maltese regulating body, the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority, (MFHEA). This regulation and accreditation ensures recognition both in EU states and internationally.

ESaT qualifications are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)* as well as the Maltese Qualifications Framework (MQF)* which is aligned to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

The following chart illustrates how ESaT qualification levels relate to the CEFR and MQF/EQF levels.

Why use ESat qualifications?

A reliable assessment of a learner’s English language skills
ESaT qualifications offer a comprehensive assessment of the 4 language skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, providing a reliable indicator of language ability. Achievement at a higher level is often the result of many years of study. Typically, candidates at this level will have started studying English at a very young age, gradually working their way up the various levels, incrementally and confidently increasing their skills and knowledge of the language. ESaT qualifications provide challenging but attainable targets every step of the way, encouraging candidates as they move up the levels to become confident and proficient users of the language.

Secure and fair exams

ESaT authorised centres are regulated by a code of practice to ensure the highest level of security during examination sessions as well as equal and fair treatment of all candidates. The custom developed online evaluations platform is designed to deal with online assessment of students’ competencies.

Transparent and informative results

A consistent scoring system across all levels makes it easy for an institution to establish entrance requirements and provides accurate information about each language skill. ESaT certificates provide an overall aggregate grade for the Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening skills. Grades and performance descriptors for each of these skills provide precise information across all areas. All the information about a candidate’s language ability in each separate skill is displayed on the certificate, with no separation of certificate and analysis of results.


The ESat approach to the reporting of results across all levels guarantees that anyone can…
understand candidates’ results and assess their ability in each skill
compare ESaT exam levels describe the level of language skills needed for admission requirements.