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Award in Essentials of ICT 2 (CPD)

The Award in Essentials of ICT 2 (CPD) is an EQF/MQF Level 5 course accredited with 1 ECTS credit. The course will provide tools and necessary knowledge and the skill in ICT practices which would help grow a business. It is based on current best practices, which we ourselves apply in the consultancy roles in applying management practices in different organisations. Particularly, the course deals with the web-development, e-commerce, SEO, data collection, ICT communications, AI & IoT and ICT threats and safety measure. The course is delivered fully online typically over a period of 1 week (up to 4 weeks).

Sessions Covered:

  • Session 1 – Advanced Concepts of Cloud Computing
  • Session 2 – Communication in ICT
  • Session 3 – Artificial Intelligence and Technologies
  • Session 4 – IoT and ICT
  • Session 5 – 5G Technologies
  • Session 6 – Threats and Safety in Technology



Course Details

Programme: Award in SME Management (CPD)

Credits: 1 ECTS

EQF/MQF*: Level 5

*European Qualification Framework

/Malta Qualification Framework

 Duration: 4 weeks

Delivery: Online

Price: Eur 160