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Award in Fund raising for Start-up and Growth of SMEs

Poltava University of Economics & Trade, Ukraine

The Award in Fund raising for Start-up and Growth of SMEs module seeks to provide students with the skills necessary to assess business plans and develop a funding strategy for an entrepreneurial venture. Students will become familiar with the different sources of funding available across the entrepreneurial life cycle and learn how to identify the most appropriate source for each stage, particularly the emerging sources of crowd funding. Students will also be provided with the skills for a variety of company valuation techniques and how to structure a term sheet for seeking early-stage equity investment, as well as preparing an investment pitch to raise funding.


Knowledge at the end of the module:

  1. Apply company valuation techniques to valuate different entrepreneurial companies for sale, purchase and mergers and acquisitions
  2. Evaluate and apply the essential components and structure of a term sheet for early-stage businesses seeking equity investment.
  3. Assess business plans and identify the appropriate sources of funding for entrepreneurial businesses.
  4. Prepare an investment pitch to raise funding from potential investors including business and venture capital firms.

Scholarship Schemes:

  • JobsPlus Training Pays Scheme – 75% refund of course fee
  • Get Qualified Scheme – 70% refund of course fee as a tax rebate

Application form: https://forms.office.com/r/hFBSsRGPsJ 

Course Details

MHE – ME – Masters in Entrepreneurship

EQF/MQF: Level 7

*European Qualification Framework/Malta Qualification Framework

Credits: 8 ECTS

Delivery: Online & Blended

                                                                 Price:  Online – Eur 950 & Blended – Eur 1,150                                                                                                                         Duration: 6 weeks

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