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Award in Fundamentals of EU Business Law

This module will provide key knowledge and basic tools related to fundamentals aspects of EU business law that an entrepreneur must take in consideration when setting-up a company and operate within the European Union. It is designed to provide entrepreneurs with the legal context for operation of an SME within the broad legal infrastructure of the EU. It covers the main directives that impact SMEs and introduces the legal concepts essential for an understanding of the different legal vehicles that can be used as a basis for an SME operation. The module provides up-to-date information on the trends and practices in these areas with particular reference to specific case studies that provide scope for the application and interpretation of the theories and concepts covered in the module.

The module can be split into the following sessions:

  • Session 1: Harmonisation and freedom of movement
  • Session 2: Characteristics of legal entities
  • Session 3: Partnerships
  • Session 4: Companies
  • Session 5: Shares
  • Session 6: Directors
  • Session 7: Minority shareholders
  • Session 8: Voting rights
  • Session 9: Shareholder information rights
  • Session 10: The general meetings of shareholders
  • Session 11: Mergers and divisions
  • Session 12: Case law on harmonisation and freedom of movement

Course Details

Credits: 8 ECTS

EQF/MQF: Level 6

Duration: 6 Weeks

*European Qualification Framework/Malta Qualification Framework

Mode of Attendance: Part time

Delivery: Online & Blended

Price: Online – Eur 890 &  Blended – Eur 1,350

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