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Masters in Entrepreneurship

Entry requirements to enrol for this programme:

  • 2nd Upper Bachelors degree


  • Pass in a Bachelors degree and a minimum of 5 years work experience which should be in an administrative or managerial position in an SME or organisation in which there has been clear execution of management functions, planning, organising, control and leadership. This would need to be demonstrated through relevant letters of reference and a recruitment interview in which the candidate will be asked about his or her relevant SME experience.



  • Proof of Proficiency in the use of the English language, either through an international language course certification, OR
  • Proof of attendance in a University where the Tuition language was English, OR
  • Proof of working in an international business for more than 4 years where the language used is English.

Note 1: Special admission criteria

Prospective students over the age of 30 can apply without a degree as long as they provide evidence in a CV and a work reference that they can make up for it through work experience (at least 5 years in an SME organisation or organisation in which there has been clear execution of management functions, planning, organising, control and leadership. This contrasts to employment in public sector organisations in which regrettably many employees are not given the opportunity to put their management skills into practice because of the bureaucratic systems and processes in place). Bearing in mind that the course seeks to attract entrepreneurs in SMEs and not in micro enterprises, these are likely to have had to deal with the multitude of tasks and responsibilities that go with running a small business, be it fund raising, contracting, HRD, marketing and sales etc. Five years of such broad experience as an entrepreneur may well be quite comparable to ten years of working in line position in a large organisation where there would be limited exposure to the range of challenges any business would face. Needless to say, these will have to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but the principle should be to open access to those entrepreneurs who already have practical experience and are seeking to get a more professional tools and perspectives to their practical knowledge base. In this context, the focus would be on having the majority of the students with a first degree, and a limited number of deserving cases accepted on the basis of the relevance of their five years work experience in administrative or managerial positions.

Note 2: English Language Proficiency

Arrangements will be made for on-line coaching in English language for students who may have some difficulties in coping with tuition in the English language despite their proficiency level. Such on-line private lessons will be available at a separate charge to the students and will be available for small groups (max 4 persons and assuming demand at the time of enquiry) or individual tuition. AeA is already in discussions with a third party English Language organisation to launch joint programmes in English language tuition.

Registrations Manual (Document to download)