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Principles & Best Practices of Photography

This is a non-accredited programme and the level quoted is merely indicative of the standard.

The self-learning course modules include:

  • 12 Pre-recorded audio visual sessions of 1 hour duration with related course notes and workbooks
  • Assignment briefs, relevant reference and reading lists (and any other supporting documentation)
  • 12 Self-assessment exercises
  • Podcasts and related support materials

This practical online course is specifically aimed at persons wishing to make fast, practical inroads into photography. Learners will be able to apply acquired knowledge and carry out a range of tasks, follow correctly basic instructions and be aware of the right ways of using a digital camera. Participants will gain a broader background of the photography medium and gain competence in spheres like handling natural light and composition. The main aim of the course is to help learners gain the necessary skills to produce captivating imagery using the right techniques and practices, all this at their own pace The course provides the knowledge base and learning framework to stimulate creativity and experimentation. It will provide participants with the motivation to delve deeper into what makes great images and help to improve their skills in photography.

Course Content

Session 1
How to Impress with Images

Session 2
Photographic Exposure: Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO

Session 3
Knowing your Camera; Shooting Modes and Manual Photography

Session 4
Different Equipment and its Uses

Session 5
Handling Natural Light

Session 6
Learning Composition and Aesthetics

Session 7
Working with People in Photogrpahy

Session 8
Creating a Photographic Project

Session 9
Marketing Photographic Work

Session 10
The Importance of Digital Post Processing

Session 11
The Photographer as Predator: Street Photography

Session 12
Using Artificial Lighting

Course Details

Principles & Best Practices of Photography

Delivery: Online

Duration: Open