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Award in Principles of Financial Management

The Award in Principle of Financial Management module seeks to provide students with the skills necessary for an entrepreneur or senior executive within an SME to understand the role of financial management of the business. The course also covers the development of financial management skills as the basis for improved monitoring and management of the financial affairs of the SME organisation. It seeks to identify best practice and provide an overview of current financial management tools and services that are available to entrepreneurs and managers of SMEs. The course enables students to use such tools allowing them to develop, implement and monitor their own financial management programmes. The focus throughout the programme is the importance of managing the cost of control, to ensure that the control process itself is well managed and is appropriate to the scale and complexity of the SME organisation.

 Sessions Covered: 

  • Session 1 – Working Management & Cash Management
  • Session 2 – Accounting conventions/standards used to present financial statements
  • Session 3 – Presentation of three main Financial Statements
  • Session 4 – Financial Ratios Analysis – Explanations
  • Session 5 – Financial Ratios Analysis – Explanations and Practice
  • Session 6 – Budgets & Sources of Finance
  • Session 7 – Costings of Products and Services
  • Session 8 – Investment Appraisal
  • Session 9 – Raising Finance & Company Valuation

Scholarship Schemes for Maltese residents:

  • Get Qualified Scheme – 70% refund of course fee as a tax rebate


    Course Application form: https://forms.office.com/r/hFBSsRGPsJ

    Course Details

    Credits: 8 ECTS

    EQF/MQF*: Level 7

    *European Qualification Framework

    /Malta Qualification Framework

    Duration: 6 weeks

    Delivery type:

    Online  & Blended Learning


    Online Learning – Eur1,050

    Blended Learning* – Eur1,350

    *Blended Learning in Malta

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