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Award in Principles of Marketing & Sales

The Award in Principles of Marketing & Sales module seeks to provide students with the skills necessary for an entrepreneur or senior executive within an SME to understand the roles of marketing and sales and the importance of a smooth integration of both for the success of a business. The course deals with the critical challenge of developing organisations which are customer centric and the challenges to be overcome in this regard. It seeks to identify best practice and provide an overview of current marketing and sales tools and services, particularly those related to Customer Relationship Management CRM, that are available to entrepreneurs and managers of SMEs. The course enables students to use such tools allowing them to develop, implement and monitor their own integrated marketing and sales campaigns. The focus is on the importance of taking the customer perspective in all decision making within the organisation, to ensure a continuity and consistency of messages throughout the various media used for the marketing and sales campaigns.

 Sessions Covered: 

  • Session 1 – Defining Marketing
  • Session 2 – Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives
  • Session 3 – Perspectives – CDO, B2C,B2B, B2G
  • Session 4 – Customer Driven Organisation
  • Session 5 – Perspectives – Retail, Wholesales, Manufacturing, Service
  • Session 6 – The Marketing Mix and Marketing Plan
  • Session 7 – SWOT Analysis , core competencies
  • Session 8 – Market Segmentation and Positioning
  • Session 9 – Marketing Mix & Business Relationship – Branding & Consumer Behaviour
  • Session 10 – Relationship Marketing & Corporate buying behaviour
  • Session 11 – Managing the Marketing Process – Designing Marketing Research
  • Session 12 – Implementing effective market research
  • Session 13 – The art of persuasion & interpersonal communication
  • Session 14 – The sales Cycle
  • Session 15 – Selling concepts and skills
  • Session 16 – Walking the Talk
  • Session 17 – Sales Potential & Sales Forecasting
  • Session 18 – ICT and Marketing & Ethical Issues in Marketing and Sales

Scholarship Schemes for Maltese residents:

  • Get Qualified Scheme – 70% refund of course fee as a tax rebate

    Course Application form: https://forms.office.com/r/hFBSsRGPsJ

    Course Details

    Credits: 8 ECTS

    EQF/MQF*: Level 7

    *European Qualification Framework

    /Malta Qualification Framework

    Duration: 6 weeks

    Delivery type:

    Online  & Blended Learning


    Online Learning – Eur1,050

    Blended Learning* – Eur1,350

    *Blended Learning in Malta

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