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Collaboration between AeA and the University of Niš is to provide its students with state of the art elearning programmes developed by University of Niš and Advenio eAcademy. The courses in Management and Marketing developed by Advenio eAcademy and offered in collaboration with University of Niš on this website are approved by MFHEA

The University of Niš, a state-governed educational and research institution, is the main academic centre of Eastern and Southern Serbia. It was founded in 1965 and until now over 58,000 students have graduated from the University and around 1500 candidates have defended their doctoral dissertations.

It consists of 13 faculties, most of which are located in Niš, the second largest city in the country, and the centre of Southern and Eastern Serbia region:

  • Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture – offers study programmes in architecture, civil engineering and related fields.
  • Faculty of Economy– provides academic courses in economics, business management, finance, banking and related disciplines.
  • Faculty of Electronic Engineering – offers study programmes in electrical engineering, computer science, telecommunications, electronics and related disciplines.
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – educates students in the fields of mechanical engineering, engineering management and computer science.
  • Faculty of Medicine – provides study programmes in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, public health and other related fields.
  • Faculty of Law – provides legal education at all levels of studies.
  • Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics – consists of six departments and provides education in the fields of physics, mathematics, chemistry, informatics, biology and ecology, geography and tourism.
  • Faculty of Occupational Safety – provides courses in environment protection, fire protection, emergency management and communal system management and occupational safety.
  • Faculty of Sport and Physical Education – offers academic and applied study programmes in the fields of physical education and sports.
  • Faculty of Philosophy– offers academic study programmes in philosophy, psychology, history, sociology, journalism, communication and public relations, pedagogy, as well as in Serbian, English, French and Russian language and literature studies.
  • Faculty of Arts – offers a variety of study programmes in visual arts (including graphic design), and music arts (including piano, accordion, wind instruments, string instruments, solo singing, guitar, and music pedagogy).

Two of the faculties of the University of Niš are located in other towns in Southern Serbia, Leskovac and Vranje:

  • Faculty of Technology in Leskovac – provides education in the fields of textile technologies, chemical technologies, and food technology and biotechnology.
  • Teacher Training Faculty in Vranje – provides education for teachers and pre-school teachers as well as a doctorate programme in teaching methodology.

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