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Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship

This programme provides the theoretical concepts and frameworks that are particularly relevant to an entrepreneur starting up a new venture or managing a Small or Medium Enterprise (SME) where the multiplicity of management skills is an essential pre-requisite for success.

The involvement of multiple higher educational institutes (MHEIs) from different countries in this project is critical as it immediately provides students with an international perspective to their studies and their perspective of business operations. To a great extent the involvement of MHEIs and the mixed virtual classrooms that will be the result of intakes for the different MHEIs, provides opportunities for students to get first-hand experience of multi-cultural challenges and the need to learn how to work in virtual organisations.

The programme makes wide use of the system integrated video conferencing, enabling multiple students from different countries to meet on-line and discuss and work on projects in interactive video conference rooms. The course-work calls on students to use online project management tools and develop interactive presentations integrating skills and competencies of diverse students groups.

These course elements are all critical to the development of today’s entrepreneur – visionaries who can understand the role of strategy and master its implementation to lead and build teams which add real value to the customer groups they serve.  

The course will provide students with the skills that enable them to demonstrate their specialised or multi-disciplinary knowledge of the challenges related to successful entrepreneurship. This includes their ability to reflecting on social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of their knowledge and judgements in their roles as entrepreneurs. The programme gives them the skills to perform critical evaluations and analysis with incomplete or limited information to solve problems in new or unfamiliar environments. Their experience in research based assignments throughout the coursework will also assist them in producing original research when required to support any of their entrepreneurial initiatives. In addition, the course will help them develop new skills in response to emerging knowledge and techniques facing SMEs in all markets. It will then be up to them to develop and utilise leadership skills and innovation skills to enable them to operate in complex and unpredictable work environments which are so typical of today’s open international markets.

Next Intakes and Application Deadlines:


Intake 1: 17th January 2022 – Deadline for Applications 12th January 2022

Intake 2: 18th April 2022 – Deadline for Applications 13th April 2022

Intake 3: 27th July 2022 – Deadline for Applications 22nd July 2022

Intake 4: 26th October 2022 – Deadline for Applications 19th October 2022

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Blended Learning Programmes in Malta for International Students

  • Your chance to travel and study in the Mediterranean island of Malta
  • Ability to work part-time while studying in Malta
  • Acquire a European accredited qualification with a full online programme
  • Weekly online tutorials
  • Weekly on-site support classes at Advenio eAcademy’s Learning Centre in Valletta

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Programme Fees

Online programme (20 months): €9,590

Blended learning programme (12 months): €11,490

Partial scholarships may apply, kindly, contact us on admin@aea.academy for further information.

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The programme includes different stages and modules:


Course Details

Credits: 90 ECTS

EQF/MQF: Level 7

*European Qualification Framework/Malta Qualification Framework


Online-74 Weeks, Blended-52 Weeks

Delivery type: Online & Blended

Scholarship & Grant Incentives

Award in Principles of Management

EQF/MQF Level 7

In Collaboration with

Award in Principles of HRM

EQF/MQF Level 7

In Collaboration with

Award in Principles of ICT and Information Management

EQF/MQF Level 7

In Collaboration with

Award in Principles of Financial Management

EQF/MQF Level 7

In Collaboration with

Award in Principles of Marketing and Sales

EQF/MQF Level 7

In Collaboration with

Award in Principles of Entrepreneurship

EQF/MQF Level 7

In Collaboration with

Award in Fund-Raising for Start-up and Growth of SMEs

EQF/MQF Level 7

In Collaboration with

Award in Creativity and Innovation Management for SMEs

EQF/MQF Level 7

In Collaboration with

Award in Digital Marketing and Social Media for SMEs

EQF/MQF Level 7

In Collaboration with