Online Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship

Online Masters Degree

This programme is coordinated and promoted by Advenio eAcademy, a licensed HEI based in Malta specialised in elearning, as a joint Masters programme offered online by multiple HEIs from different European countries. The Online Masters degree in Entrepreneurship programme is in response to the market requirements for specialised post-graduate quality courses that meet the needs of existing entrepreneurs and small business managers.

The proposed MHEI – Masters in Entrepreneurship programme seeks to bring together multiple Higher Education Institutions from within the EU that would design, develop, implement and operate an online Masters programme in Entrepreneurship. This programme is, therefore, more generalist in nature and is designed to assist practitioners already engaged in entrepreneurship, current managers of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, or managers working within larger organisations who want to make the transition to the SME environment either as entrepreneurs or executives within SMEs. Rather than seek students who are interested in a Masters degree to continue with postgraduate studies, the focus of this programme is to attract entrepreneurs or would be entrepreneurs who seek a higher level of competence to enable them to successfully launch or grow their SME operation.

Universities collaboration

The proposed Masters programme design and format has already been submitted to the NCFHE, National Commission for Further and Higher Education in Malta, for preliminary review and evaluation. Following their positive feedback, this will be refined in the coming months with the inputs of the collaborating partner HEIs and will be re-submitted to the for final evaluation and certification of the proposed Masters programme and related component post-graduate diploma, post-graduate courses and certificate courses.

The following HEIs have confirmed their interest in their participation in the programme so far:-

  1. GREECE – University of Ioannina;
  2. HUNGARY – Szent Istvan University;
  3. ITALY – University of Bari Aldo Moro
  4. MALTA – Advenio eAcademy;
  5. SLOVAKIA – University of Žilina;
  6. UKRAINE – Poltava University of Economics and Trade

By the end of the proposed course, students should acquire a comprehensive set of knowledge, skills and competencies designed specifically to enable them to function effectively as entrepreneurs and small business managers within a European environment. The proposed Masters programme is thus designed so as to allow students to enrol for the full Masters programme, or enrol for more limited diploma or certified courses that are part and parcel of the Masters programme. The following programme/course structure is proposed so as to allow students to enrol for part of the programme for specific course subjects:-

  • Certificate Course – 5 ECTS Credits – (run over 12 weeks)
  • Post-Graduate Certificate – 30 ECTS Credits – (run over 6 months)
  • Post-Graduate Diploma – 60 ECTS Credits – (run over 12 months)
  • Masters Programme – 90 ECTS Credits – (run over the full 18 months)

Online Masters Degree Course Specification

The proposed Masters programme shall comprise:-

Subject Courses: 5 credits x 9 courses = 45 credits

Each course is 5 ECTS credits: (The following modules, subject to confirmation in the coming weeks, will be offered in Intake 1:

Foundation Courses (Six)
  • Principles of Marketing & Sales – the SME Perspective(Advenio eAcademy, Malta)
  • Principles of Management – the SME Perspective(Szent Istvan University, Hungary)
  • Principles of ICT & Information Management – the SME Perspective(University of Ioannina, Greece)
  • Principles of Financial Management – the SME Perspective(Advenio eAcademy, Malta)
  • Principles of HRM – the SME Perspective(Szent Istvan University, Hungary)
  • Principles of Entrepreneurship(University of Ioannina, Greece)
Specialist Courses (Three)
  • Fundraising for Start-up and Growth of SMEs(Poltava University of Economics & Trade, Ukraine)
  • Creativity & Innovation Management for SMEs(University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy)
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media for SMEs(University of Žilina, Slovakia)
Internship – 15 credits

The internship provides a unique opportunity for students to put into the proper perspective the course materials covered in each of the nine courses covered. In each course, students will be assigned tasks for implementation during the internship, such that the Internship Final Report will include nine different sections, each one reporting on the task/s assigned in the relevant subject. An internship journal is to be kept on a daily basis. A software tool will be used to allow the student to maintain this online journal and facilitate review and evaluation by tutors.

Business Plan Project – 30 credits

This research-based project compels students to investigate and plan for a new business launch or the growth of an existing business through a new product or new market development. It seeks to challenge the students to carry out the level of research, analysis, and preparation that reflect a critical evaluation of the context of the business, the core competencies and skills of the people driving the business, the economic and market realities of the proposed launch and the risk/reward balance that is critical to any investor.

On-going Evaluation

Students must complete the following for successful completion of the programme:

9 Modules (six modules from the Foundation subjects + three from the Specialist Subjects), an internship and a Business Plan ie. 9 x 5 + 15 + 30 = 90 ECTS credits

Course evaluation will be based on:-

  1. Successful passing in each module – on-going evaluation + group assignment/s;
  2. Successful sitting for two examinations, one on completion of the Foundation Modules and the second on completion of the Specialist Subjects;
  3. Successful completion of internship and submission and presentation of internship journal and internship report dealing with internship assignment brief set in each of the nine courses;
  4. Successful completion of Business Plan Project and submission and presentation of a business plan project report to be assessed with a particular focus on its investor readiness.

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